Nestled in a quiet, wooded setting in Farmington, Connecticut, Devonwood Homeowners Association is a community of 382 single-family homes situated on over 500 acres of land in Farmington, CT.  Though only 12 miles from Downtown Hartford, Devonwood offers a rural setting with something for everyone no matter the season. 
Whether it is golf at nearby Tunxis Plantation Country Club, swimming or cross country skiing at Winding Trails Recreation Association or simply taking a leisurely bike ride on the nearby "Rails to Trails" bike path, Devonwood is only a stone's throw away from your favorite activities.  Few suburban communities offer the convenience of such a variety of activities and yet maintain a rural, country feel. 
Please feel free to explore our site and learn more about what Devonwood has to offer.  Also, feel free to visit the websites of our neighbors and our town.  It won't be long before you understand why Devonwood truly is a special place to live.
Bouvier Insurance
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Gypsy Moth Pesticide Spraying Treatment
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Postponed until Monday June 19th or Tuesday June 20th due to weather conditions.
The original application for the Gypsy Moth took place on May 11, 2017.  We still are experiencing infestation problem.  Only Common Areas will be done such as the Town Farm Road entrance, Gazebo area and the island around Essex Court and Newbury Court.
Many lot owners have also experienced an infestation and can contract to do their own lot.  If you wish to contact our contractor you may call Bruce Graver of Graver Tree Service his number is 860-563-6581
The Board has voted to proceed with these treatments as a preventative measure to avoid further infestations and costly trees removals.
The Board has been assured by Graver Tree Service that the chemicals being used in this treatment have been approved by the DEP for the specific purpose of eliminating gypsy moth infestations. 
The treatment will be done on Friday, June 16, 2017 starting in the morning.  
All treatments will be done in direct correlation with the weather. 
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.
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The next scheduled meeting is on Monday, July 10th at 6:30pm at the Boathouse, 100 Devonwood Drive. 

Safety and Security
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With the arrival of summer and warmer weather comes change in daily activities. Garage doors are left open and homes left unlocked. With increased summer activity in Devonwood, so does the likely hood for the increase in nefarious activity. Please be vigilant by locking your home when not there, and locking car doors when left outside. Consider parking vehicles in garages to deter mischievous activity. Be aware of and report suspicious activities you may witness at your neighbor's home, your street, and in the neighborhood.
Gypsy Moths
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Several trees in Devonwood have been infested with Gypsy moths. The months have been particularly destructive to trees at the entrance to Devonwood from Old Farms Road.  The Board is currently working on resolving the issue.  It has been advised to scout your property for egg cases on the trunks of your trees and remove them. The cases are oval, tan, about 1” in diameter, dry and powdery.  Each one can contain up to 1,500 eggs that will become caterpillars in the spring to climb and eat the trees. Using a stick or gloves, scrape the masses into a tin can or bucket. Once the removal processes has been completed, fill the container with soapy water and let the egg masses soak for a couple of days. This process will kill the eggs. Do not handle the cases with bare hands, the "hairs" on the casing can cause skin rashes. 
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Several foxes within Devonwood have been spotted wondering aimlessly looking emaciated with loss of fur.  Farmington animal control have investigated the issue and determined some of the fox population have mange (a mite infestation).  A mange-stricken fox may be mistaken for a rabid one because of their sickly appearance and seeming lack of fear.  A fox can die from mange, however, it is a treatable condition. If a fox is suspected of having mange, an option would be to contact a local wildlife rehabilitator.  
Fox rarely contract rabies. However, if a fox is suspected to have rabies, please contact Charlene Rodgers, the Farmington Animal Control Officer, at 860-675-2440.
"Devonwood Magazine"
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Devonwood Residents,
You may have recently received via mail a magazine published for the Devonwood community titled "Neighborhood Living".  The publisher, Kevin Hayes with N2 Publishing, is an independent vendor who is not affiliated with either Devonwood or the Board.  Mr. Hayes was not solicited nor is he employed to produce and distribute the magazine to the Devonwood neighborhood.  
The Board is not approving or monitoring the Magazine's content prior to its circulation. Please be aware that resident communications with N2, as it pertains to the publication of personal information, pictures, and other publishable content, will be at that resident's discretion. 
Thank you, 
Devonwood HOA
Devonwood Fundraisers
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There have been numerous complaints from Devonwood residents regarding weekend fundraisers  held at the gazebo. One of the most concerning complaints is of unsupervised children running onto the streets at cars to solicit drivers.  As a result, the following rules and regulations have been improvised to ensure safety. Please refer to line items #4, #5. 
  1) Applicants must be a Devonwood resident.
  2) An email requesting a date and time of the event must be submitted by emailing
      Devonwood's property manager, Jeff Louis, at Please include the
      nature of the fundraiser.  Approval will be granted on a first come first served basis. 
  3) Fundraisers will be limited to two fundraisers per day to be held between the hours of 9am -
      5pm on Saturdays and Sundays only. 
  4) The fundraiser will be held at the gazebo only.  Please provide tables and other set up
      materials needed.   
  5) Adult supervision (age 18 years or older) must be present during the duration of the
      fundraiser.  The adult supervisor's name and contact number must be provided to Jeff Louis in
      the email requesting the fundraiser's date and time.  Permission will not be granted without 
      adult contact information.
Please park on Salisbury Way adjacent to the gazebo common area when purchasing from the fundraisers.
Devonwood Social Subcommittee Meeting
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If you are interested in helping to plan or volunteer at Devonwood neighborhood events, please join the Social Committee.  Please contact Michal Carducci at 860-404-5285 for details.  
Improving the islands
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Owners interested in improving the islands may submit an application for Board Approval
2016-2017 Directory of Board Directors Posted
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The directory can be found at this location.
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